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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Day 3: Wednesday the 15th of June

Day 3 proceeded under the constant threat of rain.

Test pits continued:

Test-pitting extraordinaire Simon supervises the drawing of sections....

... whilst Andrew contemplates his escape from the test pit.
 Charlie took a team out to learn how to draw structures:

According to locals, this ruined building used to be a stable.
 And Chris supervised a resistivity survey in the former fish ponds

Resistivity surveying in the former fish pond with Katie and Janet
 Pick of the bunch from the outer courtyard finds:

A lead ingot

A blade found by Jon in the outer courtyard. Jon continues to top the finds chart, having also found the potato gun on day 1.

Find of the day: plaster building material from the outer courtyard

Plaster was a common building material used in the Tudor period, so it is likely that this find predates the conversion of the long gallery into cottages in the 19th century. Note the graffiti (probably 19th century) scratched into the find, including a name, 'BOB'.

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