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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Day 8: Wednesday the 22nd of June

Today was Katie's birthday! Happy birthday Katie!

Cake of the day
Katie's birthday wish.

If Katie could find anything in her trench today it would be ...

The apocryphal tunnels connecting manor lodge to Sheffield castle! According to popular myth, the tunnels were built during Mary Queen of Scots' stay at the lodge.

Trench update! Trench 20

The outer courtyard
At great personal risk, the blogger brings an update from the front lines in Alvaro's trench 20. Alvaro's team have located the trenches from the 1970s excavations:

The backfill from the 1970s trench can be seen from the change in colour and composition
The trench was excavated, to see how far down the previous archaeologists dug

The edge of another trench ...

... and the corner of a third.

Finding the precise location of these three backfilled trenches will allow us to decide where to locate new trenches, as we try to investigate the (possibly) medieval building in the area.

Find of the day:

Decorated clay pipe bowl, found by Lily

Inspirational photo of the day:

Zen archaeology - Charlie looks for archaeological features beneath the surface at the
Manor using the power of meditation.

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