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Friday, 24 June 2011

Day 9: Thursday the 23rd of June

Today marked the triumphant return of the archaeozoology field school students who, having completed three days in the lab, were back on the manor this morning. Under the supervision of Dr. Hannah Russ, the students studied fish bones, animal bones, and shells in the glamorous setting of the basement:

The field school. Nothing remained of Kate but a bone after the laborious work of the past three days.
Learning to identify fish bones

The marine answer to the elephant's graveyard. Just out of shot: Simba.
Many of the students had the opportunity to visit bishop's house today. The house is one of the earliest extant timber-framed houses in Sheffield, and takes its name from a dubious connection to bishops John and Geoffrey Blythe. Photos courtesy of Anthony:

The house
Restraint devices which, according to the caption, include a frame to hold the loose tongue of a gossiping woman, and a spiky collar used for violent criminals 
Trench update! Trench 21

Trench 21 is almost complete - it has been taken down to the flagstones, and several features have been investigated:

Measuring and drawing the features in trench 21

Lastly, congratulations to Simon, who was today nominated for two awards for his dissertation - which analysed pottery from Manor Lodge - including the Rotherham award for 'reet good dissertation'...

And today, Simon says, "To do well in your dissertation, write it drunk. Or hungover."

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